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Saturday, December 15, 2012

A new blues breaker is now here on the blog. If you're kinda blues addict, then to have him as one of your influence is a must! Big thank to Mr. Doug W. Deutsch for letting me know this great guy. Check him out after the jump!

Tommy Marsh and Bad Dog have been together as a band for a little over a year and are already heavy hitters in the Ventura Music Scene. Blending and bending the Blues, Southern Rock and Jam band genres to a unique hybrid the band has become extremely popular with fans of all three.
Presently they are preparing to record their first compilation of songs primarily written by their namesake. Tommy Marsh is lead singer, and one of two lead guitarists in the band. Before coming to Ventura 2 years ago Tommy was the front man for the The Tule Devils in Central California. The Tule Devils were a very popular original Southern Jam band and performed a weekly show at The Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino for over a year and a half. Opening up for War before a crowd of over 5000 cheering fans The Tule Devils brought them to their feet with Tommy’s originals Father Time and After The Burn. 

Tommy Marsh moved to Ventura for LOVE having met his soul mate Tammy a Ventura County resident at a show in Three Rivers Ca. “It was a defining moment for me” says Tommy. “For me Love is the only road worth taking.” His original song “Love Divine” echoes this sentiment clearly.
After arriving in Ventura Tommy started going to local Jam sessions to play and meet local musicians. Tommy became a regular at The All Star Blues Jam at The Bombay Club every Wednesday. Last year Tommy was asked to begin hosting this show every week and under his leadership it has become a formidable player in the Southern California Blues scene attracting amazing players every week. Alastair Greene, John Marx, Guy Martin, Teresa Russell and many others are regular guests at this tremendous show.
When Tommy began to look for players to fill out his band BAD DOG he drew from great players he had met at the local Jam Sessions. 

Michael Katnik is an astonishing keyboardist and vocalist who was playing with the Great Ashford Gordon when they met. There was an immediate connection because Tommy LOVES Hammond Organ and was specifically looking for an organ player. Ashford had just recently moved to Arizona and Michael was looking for a new opportunity. Michael’s scorching organ solos, lead and harmony vocals coupled with his amazing energy are a key part of Bad Dog’s vibe.
Tommy met Stan Taylor at The All Star Blues Jam when he was playing with the house band. Stan is a Gibraltar esc bassist. Stan toured extensively with Led Zepagain, a premier Led Zeppelin tribute, band for several years. His abilities are astounding and his attitude is awesome. Stan makes it easy to play with his solid as a rock groove and his great soloing. “I am honored that Stan plays with us” says Tommy, “He is a real pro”. 

John Lacques auditioned for Teri and The Tornados a band Tommy plays with in Ventura. The Tornadoes chose a different player for their opening but Tom saw something electric in John’s playing and hired him almost immediately. John is endorsed by Paiste Cymbals and is a crazy good player. He has an amazing sense of humor. He brings flair to both his conversation and to his performance.
Smokey Steve Hinojosa was the last member to join Bad Dog. Smokey is a regular at The All Star Blues Jam and Tommy had played with him many times as host of the show. “There was always a magic when Steve and I jammed and each time we played together the bond between us grew.” Not only is Steve a great guitar player and singer… He is a marvelous human being and is someone I just needed to be around…So I asked him to join the band” 

Tommy Marsh and Bad Dog are regulars in and around Ventura County and they are a band you can’t see without saying something like DAM or Holy Crap… Tommy’s strong vocals and guitar playing along with BAD DOG’s super human SKILZ make for a musical experience that is rare and fills the senses.


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